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Breast Augmentation Special

drgreenwald-btn-logosDr. Joshua Greenwald is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and offers a wide array of cosmetic surgery procedures, including breast enhancement surgery, to women in Manhattan, New York City and throughout Westchester County, New York. He has trained with some of the country’s leading medical experts and has more than 20 years of experience helping patients achieve rewarding results.

Numerous women seek out Dr. Greenwald’s expertise to enhance the appearance of their breasts. Dr. Greenwald performs:

  • Breast augmentation: increases the sizes of the breasts with the placement of saline or silicone implants.
  • Breast lift: elevates sagging breasts.
  • Breast augmentation with a lift: a combination procedure often requested by mothers who describe their breasts as looking “deflated” after pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Breast reduction: decreases the size of large/heavy breasts.
  • Breast implant revision: corrects results of a previous breast augmentation surgery.
  • Breast reconstruction: restores breasts after mastectomy.

vss-logoBreast augmentation is popular among New York women who were born with small breasts not proportional to their bodies, or who simply want to go up a size or two (or more). The placement of implants can subtly or dramatically transform the bust line, depending on the patient’s individual cosmetic goals. Dr. Greenwald’s combination of experience and skill allow him to consistently deliver flawless and long-lasting results.

Treatment Specifically Tailored to Your Needs

Breast augmentation is an extremely personal surgery and the exact procedure performed will vary by patient. Dr. Greenwald does not employ a “cookie-cutter” approach to breast surgery; rather, he consults with each patient personally to determine what kind of look she wants and what is best for her lifestyle. With his artistic eye, Dr. Greenwald is able to envision the effect breast implants will have on a woman’s body, and uses principles of balance and proportion to recommend what he feels will flatter her figure. During their consultation, Dr. Greenwald and the patient discuss implant types, shapes, sizes and textures, as well as implant placement and surgical incision location. A treatment plan is drafted based on the patient’s goals and Dr. Greenwald’s recommendations.

Some patients arrive at their consultation knowing exactly what kind of look they want to attain; others prefer to browse through Dr. Greenwald’s collection of before-and-after breast implants photos to decide what results will suit her best. Another perk at Dr. Greenwald’s New York breast augmentation practice is his advanced imaging software, which can help a woman visualize what she might look like with different sized and shaped breasts. These tools are very helpful in the creation of a personalized treatment plan. Dr. Greenwald has found that open and honest communication during the consultation — and clear identification of the patient’s goals — leads to better outcomes.

A Practice Unlike Any Other

Dr. Greenwald maintains several state-of-the-art office locations in New York, including his newest 10,000-square foot surgical facility in Westchester County. Every effort is made to ensure the safety and comfort of patients. The office locations are elegantly appointed to create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, and staff members are exceptionally trained to handle complex cases and provide compassionate and attentive care.

To learn more about the procedures we offer, visit

Manhattan Office
166 5th Ave.
New York, NY 10010
(212) 518-1642

Harrison Office
440 Mamaroneck Ave.
Suite 412
Harrison, NY 10528
(914) 421-0113

Carmel Office
686 Stoneleigh Ave.
Carmel, NY 10512
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